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"I owe you a throne."

TYRANTS revolves around the relationship between a young man and his overbearing father as they manage special powers and political chaos on a hidden island chain. Atum, the son of a dethroned lord, struggles to balance that relationship with his quest for freedom, reluctantly becoming a pawn in his father’s war games. 

With a cast of varied and flawed characters, the story opens itself up to any reader who seeks entertainment and real-life value. Simultaneously epic and intensely personal, the story has a resonance that must be told in the medium of comic books.

I find the worldbuilding intriguing, and look forward to seeing how the story unfolds. I highly recommend this if you like action-fantasy type stories...can't wait for more!

Elizabeth, Amazon Customer

The full-color artwork is stunning - complex, interesting, and clearly created with expert skill and patience by masters in their craft.

Claire, Goodreads Review

Writer Josh Barbeau balances these quiet [moments of character development] with other action-filled elements of the story and it results in what I would feel is a very solid read.

David, "The Newest Rant"





Josh graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with his B.A. in Creative Writing and English Literature. He is the Chief Creative Officer of Hollow Harbor, an independent comic book publisher. Josh has been published in the literary magazine Spires and has produced a handful of independent short films. Currently, he lives in St. Louis with his wife and daughter.




Esau Figueroa was born surrounded by mountains in sunny Monterrey, Mexico. Drawing even before walking, he studied Marketing in college. He worked as an art director in an ad agency for a couple of years when he came across the opportunity to work as penciler in an independent comic book. Discovering the joy of creating worlds and stories. Soon after, he got accepted and studied at The Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art for three years. He now works as a freelance illustrator and comic book artist.




Ander studied Graphic Design at Cetys University and has been working as a freelance designer and illustrator for the past ten years. He has collaborated with clients that include Disney, Marvel, DC, Adidas, Panini, Boom/Fox Studios and PlayStation, among others. He loves to bring versatility to his work using different styles and techniques, both digital and analog, and always pushes himself outside his comfort zone.




Rod is a cartoonist, writer, designer and educator from New Jersey. He has worked in comics and graphic design for over thirty years for Marvel, DC, Archie Comics, Felix the Cat Productions and many other comic book companies. He is often distracted by playing the guitar, collecting vintage cartooning supplies and ancient records. Rod graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in 1982 and is currently an instructor there.



Tyrants Logo Design

Will Massanet is a freelance illustrator/ graphic designer by day, bar-back by night. While he's a DC faithful and DBZ fanatic, he gets stoked about pretty much everything in the comics and animation industry. That, coupled with his dedication to skateboarding and crappy punk music, makes him fully immersed in the man-child lifestyle, and he wouldn't have it any other way.



Spiral Design

Cynthia Rodgers, also known by her online moniker "Theamat" is a weekly contributor to "The Line it is Drawn" segment of the Comics Should Be Good blog, hosted by the website Cynthia's work has become a viral sensation and has been featured in REDBOOK magazine.

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