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Tyrants - Funded by Kickstarter

TYRANTS revolves around the relationship between a young man and his overbearing father as they manage special powers and political chaos on a hidden island chain. Atum, the son of a dethroned lord, struggles to balance that relationship with his quest for freedom, reluctantly becoming a piece in his father’s war games.

The book itself is a full-color comic that works equally well as an ongoing series or as a six-issue graphic novel with the potential for future volumes. Created and written by Josh Barbeau, the comic book’s line art is illustrated by Esau Figueroa. Ander Zárate is the man behind the colors, and the letters are done by Rod Ollerenshaw. Learn more about the whole team here.

Hollow Harbor will publish the book digitally in June of 2015.

With a cast of varied and flawed characters, the story opens itself up to any reader who seeks entertainment and real-life value. Simultaneously epic and intensely personal, the story has a resonance that must be told in the medium of comic books